REI Flagship Store

Street Corner Wilderness

Seattle, Washington

An outdoor experience in the heart of the city; that is what REI wanted for its flagship store in Seattle. The street-corner wilderness designed by The Berger Partnership provides a hands-on interactive setting where customers can experience equipment prior to purchase. Land Expressions’ construction of a series of waterfalls with stream and ponds for the site developed into a long lasting relationship of project construction and design collaboration with the esteemed Berger Partnership. 

The REI water feature serves several purposes; control of storm water run-off from the roof, masking of nearby freeway noise, a habitat for bog dwelling native plants, gathering area, cooling of the environment on hot days, focus for viewing from building, multi-level entrances and the bike trails. This unique project was featured in Smithsonian Magazine.

Project Details:

  • Installed 250 to 300 tons of Wilkeson Sandstone
  • Roof drainage system directed into the water feature
  • Designed a re-circulation system to maintain a 400 gpm flow regardless of rainfall

Primary Services:  Water feature Design Consultant and Construction